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'Build in Public' is an ethos of startup culture popularized by entrepreneurs like Eric Ries. The 'startup world' of Silicon Valley has created the world's most valuable companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google in a shockingly short amount of time. Many lessons of growth can be learned from the tech industry.

Eric wrote The Lean Startup to share how entrepreneurs can create transformational businesses in the face of extreme uncertainty. The basic idea is this: build in small doses, measure feedback from others, and learn from the process. By following this systematic approach, entrepreneurs increase their chance of success by methodically measuring what works and what doesn’t.

Imagine what could happen by taking this approach to life. By inviting others to participate in your life journey, you open the door for instant feedback so you can create a life that best serves the interest of others. Success, then, is measured by the lives you touch. You learn from others what resonates and what doesn’t.

I was raised in a household that valued Christianity and my takeaway is this: the most important commandments of Jesus Christ are 1) Love the Lord with all your soul and all your might and 2) Love others as you Love yourself. Jesus Christ is arguably the most influential person in history. He lived as a Servant Leader putting others before himself and loving others to the best of his ability. Hard to ignore his principles when most of human life has resonated with his message for the past two thousand years.

Using the Pareto Principle, which says 20% of your effort in any given cause leads to 80% of the results, I choose to focus on the two commandments Jesus Christ said are the most important to follow. While religion has taken a smaller role in my life, I take the underlying principles of Christianity and use them as guidelines to live my life.

Many of my adventures have been influenced by these commandments - choosing to work in tech, traveling South America and the US for 18 months, writing. Personal transformation is similar to business transformation and business transformation is similar to spiritual transformation. You can draw parallels from each domain and condense them to create your own philosophy for life.

I’ll be posting about a wide variety of topics. Personal development, finance, psychology, relationships, health and wellness, business. Whoever is reading this, I invite you to participate. I’ll be sharing my ups and downs, my success and failures, and creating a life for myself based on principles shared by others and the lessons I learn through personal experience.

One of the most impactful questions people say you should consider is this, “What will people say about you at the end of your life?” I'd like people to say I showed up for them and showed them how to love themselves and others.

Life is full of uncertainty: Live moment to moment. Share with others. Learn from experience.

Read Ahn

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