I'm Dan Ahn

When I was 14 years old, I wrote in my Eight Grade Yearbook that I planned to bike across the US.

Right before my 25th birthday, I started pedaling in Yorkstown, Virginia and covered 6,100-ish miles in 4 months.

A few other ​transformation stories:

From: Playing Neopets and Runescape 10 hours a day with my Maplestory girlfriend

To: Playing football at Giant's stadium and running the NYC marathon with someone from Team USA

From: Making out with my fist in high school and watching Rom Com's by myself

To: Making out with real girls and watching Rom Com's by myself

From: Living with my parents and wearing khaki's and polo shirts to a grey cubicle every morning in Teaneck, NJ

To: Living with a best friend in Denver, CO wearing sweatpants and working from home 

Life is growth.

I read books, run, do therapy, meditate, and cook Korean food.

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